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Group Coaching workshop: 


In our Group Coaching workshop, Expand, we coach you through a process to:

  • Identify your limiting beliefs / fears and create new powerful thinking and behaviours

  • Identify negative self talk and rewrite / reframe your internal script

  • Understand how your brain works so you can master your mind and future

  • Explore and understand emotions so that you become the master of your mind and happier more positive future.

My colleague Adam Smith and I partner to deliver this dynamic Group Coaching experience.

Date: Tuesday 17th August 2021

Time: 5pm BST

Duration: 4 hours (including a short break)

Investment: £97 (places are limited)



'Expand' will be a fantastic opportunity for you to experience our Group Coaching process and the safe collaborative coaching community that we create and facilitate online in our Clubhouse Rooms (8am BST M-F, Mental Health Action - How to Practise Self Love).

This workshop was created with you in mind, as there is a clear need from our Mental Health Action room, on Clubhouse, to offer a personal, deeper dive for those who want to grow and expand more fully into themselves whilst creating a better healthier life.

Following on from our Expansion Group Coaching experience we will also be facilitating a weekly Group Coaching / Training session on a variety of themes.


When: Every Tuesday


Time: 8-9pm BST


Duration: 1 hour


Investment: £97 per month.

Our supportive communities are an excellent way to help you continue to take action and be accountable to ensure that you keep working towards your goals and happier healthier future. 


This subscription offering will give you the ability to reach out to us as well as be a Moderator in our Clubhouse Room.

Our personal experiences combined with our professional qualifications and achievements will guarantee that this event will inspire and change lives, and improve our mental health and wellbeing for a more expansive future. 

Be sure to subscribe to my Member's Lounge so that you can stay up to date with new programmes and workshops as they are created and released. 

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