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This idea was born out of frustration at what I was seeing with loved ones and clients, as well as what was in the media worldwide as a direct result of the pandemic.

Like a lot of us, I am appalled that governments worldwide seem to be prioritising votes and the economy over the lives of people.

I am powerless over them, but I have a voice and I do have power in how I use that, how I respond and what I do.  This is my little bit to hopefully make positive difference in our lives and our world when we all need it most.  

leadership is not a position we hold, but a conscious decision we make to take a stand and take action for justice, equality and respect for the greater good, health and well being of all people. 

All I knew was that I had to do something so I created  #positivewithpatrick on my business Instagram account @patrickhillcoaching in order to help as many people as I could. 


#positivewithpatrick is a group coaching session Monday to Friday at 9:30am GMT. 

#positivewithpatrick and KIDS is a group coaching session Wednesday at 11am GMT aimed at primary school children.


Its focus is mental health and wellbeing and its development and maintenance. 


I sincerely hope these sessions help us all because ...

together we are stronger. 


Please tell your loved ones and friends about it so we can all unite and get through this challenge as one.

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