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My coaching approach is client-centred with our relationship being paramount to our work. 


It is built solidly on trust, mutual respect and equality.  The unique selling point of my coaching is that it is deeply transformational coaching - I am very proud of this fact. 


The psychological safety I build with you enables you to relax fully to facilitate your best thinking to achieve your goals.


I am an exceptional listener and hear the whole of my clients and work and walk alongside them towards their goals.  I use both intuition and cognition to take in the wider and deeper view quickly; the link between my intuition and my thinking is finely tuned. This enables clients to grow further and wholly into their potential.


I possess an excellent understanding of the emotional brain and how this can be worked with and altered through how we think, behave and feel.  I openly and honestly reflect back observations I make as we work together and I do so with sensitivity, compassion and kindness. 


My strong sense of humour makes our work together incredibly enjoyable and I provide an excellent balance of genuine support and appropriate challenge. 


Clients describe me as authentic, creative, non-judgemental and transparent. 


The greatest asset that I offer you is all of my professional and personal experience; I believe that when we bring all of ourselves to our coaching or working relationships, the sustainable change and impact will be at its optimum. 


I encourage clients to bring all of themselves to our coaching relationship too, in order for them to move into their transformational growth zone; this is where the most powerful coaching and change really happens. 

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