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My passion is your well-being and growth.


I am an expert at building high-quality relationships based on mutual respect, equality and trust. 


I coach people in and through times of change, challenge or high stress.


Like most of us, I have experienced many challenges in my life.  


I taught for over 20 years in both New Zealand, where I was born, and in London where I live. In the last three years of my teaching career, I was an in-house coach working with colleagues to help them fulfil their potential and improve their performance to create greater outcomes for students.  The success of my work led to my governing body funding my coaching training with Barefoot Coaching and Chester University for a Postgraduate Certificate in Business and Personal Coaching.


In September 2019, my mother was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease.  I flew to New Zealand to say goodbye to my mother and planned on being there for three weeks.  However, the day I arrived it was clear that I would need to stay until the end to help support my mum and dad through this journey.  I resigned from my teaching and coaching position and stayed in NZ for eight months.  My mother died peacefully on 17th April 2020.  


The time caring for my mum and dad was obviously a life changing event and while incredibly hard and sad, there were moments of laughter and joy - there was and is a lot to be grateful for.


As I came to leave NZ in June 2020, it was clear to me that my traditional teaching career was complete and that I would now focus entirely on my coaching career.  


I’ve always known I have a skill in supporting people and have never shied away from the harder and more challenging conversations and situations that life presents us. The time with mum and dad confirmed this for me.  Leaning into this situation, with a lot of love and support, is how I got through it.


My mission: 

-To support leaders' and managers’ wellbeing to empower them to reach their potential.

-To support individuals to live fully in and through the stressful, painful and challenging times of life.

-To dramatically reduce the international suicide statistics.

Whether your challenge comes from changes in life, stress at work, a change in position or career, or other personally stressful times, you do not have to navigate that journey alone.  


I encourage you to get all the support you need to maximise your well-being and growth as much as you can, in and through these challenging times of change.


It would be my honour and privilege to work with you as you think, act and feel your way forward.


Together we are stronger.  


Together we can begin Thinking Beyond Now.


Whenever you are ready.

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