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Meditate with Me


I was taught to meditate a few years ago to the grand total of £500 for six hours training.  I'm pleased I did that training, however, it was unnecessary given what I now know.  

This is what I know after meditating for a few years:

  • Daily consistency is key

  • Little and regular is best (minimum 10 minutes)

  • Perfection only exists in the dictionary

  • The mind will naturally and normally start thinking again in meditation.  Just notice this and bring your focus back to the breath, counting or mantra.

  • Start and keep doing it daily no matter what.

  • Meditation is an enjoyable time out from the busy lives we live

  • And finally, for emphasis, there is no such thing as perfection.  We can move on from that fantasy illusory Disney idea.

There are a million websites online that will tell you the scientific and health benefits of meditation, this is not one of them.  

You can practise mediation and mindfulness in about 10 minutes a day.  This will incrementally help you improve your mental well-being and sense of calm and inner peace. Meditation and mindfulness are excellent additions to your coaching work especially when dealing times of change, stress and grief.

My one suggestion is start today and do it daily.


Meditation 1 - Short onePatrick Hill
00:00 / 07:36
Meditation 2 - Self-esteemPatrick Hill
00:00 / 10:55
Meditation 3 - InwardPatrick Hill
00:00 / 11:22
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