Meditate with Me


I was taught to meditate a few years ago to the grand total of £500 for six hours training.  I'm pleased I did that training, however, it was unnecessary given what I now know.  

This is what I know after meditating for a few years:

  • Daily consistency is key

  • Little and regular is best (minimum 10 minutes)

  • Perfection only exists in the dictionary

  • The mind will naturally and normally start thinking again in meditation.  Just notice this and bring your focus back to the breath, counting or mantra.

  • Start and keep doing it daily no matter what.

  • Meditation is an enjoyable time out from the busy lives we live

  • And finally, for emphasis, there is no such thing as perfection.  We can move on from that fantasy illusory Disney idea.

There are a million websites online that will tell you the scientific and health benefits of meditation, this is not one of them.  


Meditation 1 - Short onePatrick Hill
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Meditation 2 - Self-esteemPatrick Hill
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Meditation 3 - InwardPatrick Hill
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