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Restorative Art Coaching




Gavin Johnson and Patrick Hill 

(@artbygav on instagram or


We all need and want different things for and from our lives and we all process life experiences, thoughts, feelings and emotions in different ways.


One of the things that I am very aware of from my 20+ years of teaching and coaching, both of children and adults, is that we are all highly creative people and our capacity and potential to think and create is infinite.


When Gavin and I first met, @artbygav on Instagram or, it was clear to us both that our combined skills and experiences had a natural fit and with this in mind we began collaborating.  Together we organically created Restorative Art Coaching.


Restorative Art Coaching is an offer that incorporates creative visual art creation as a part of the coaching package you buy.


One session, of the six, that you pay for in advance, will be a live visual art creation session with Patrick, the coach, and Gavin, the artist.




Personal Coaching Clients

6 x 90 minute sessions = £1500

Corporate Coaching Clients

6 x 90 minute sessions = £3000


This investment includes five pure coaching sessions with Patrick and one Restorative Art Coaching session with both Patrick and Gavin at his London studio.  This is where you will be taught and guided to create your own A3 abstract expressive piece of art based on what you want to think, feel and express.  You will be able to take home your creation with you once it is dry - usually a day or so later.  


The Restorative Art Coaching session will ideally happen as either the third or fourth session of the six sessions, subject to our studio and calendar availability.  


We ask that you be flexible with your diary so that we can make this happen as seamlessly and as effortlessly as possible for all three of us.


Some clients have asked about creating an additional artwork or a larger scale piece of art.  In order to meet your needs and wants, this is available as an additional charge.


Additional pieces and sizes are listed as follows:

Personal Coaching Clients

A3 = £300

A2 = £600

A1 = £1200

Corporate Coaching Clients

A3 = £500

A2 = £800

A1 = £1400


This investment includes all materials, the professional skills and time of both Patrick and Gavin who will support you in your process, thinking and creations.


To book your Restorative Art Coaching package, please email Patrick Hill at the following email address: and we will begin creating and Thinking Beyond Now as soon as possible.

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