Coaching for Men: 

Strong Men Cry

There is an international problem that males experience at three times the rate of females: Suicide.

75% of all suicides are male, 25% of suicides are female.  This ratio of 3:1 is horrific and more needs to be done to support all men, and women, so that this statistic changes dramatically and suicide numbers are reduced.  This component of my work is especially important to me because three suicides have directly impacted my life.  Sadly, there are likely to be more before I die.  This aspect of coaching work, specifically aimed at men, is a part of my more and helping males improve their overall wellbeing and mental health.

Gavin Johnson is a Professional Athlete who is a two times English Javelin Champion and professional artist.  He is also a UK Athletics Sport Coach, author and has experience coaching individuals to maximise their potential.  Gavin's athleticism and statistics are incredibly impressive.

I stumbled across Gavin's art on Instagram, @artbygav,, and was struck by its beauty and depth.  Gavin invited me to see his work at his London studio near Liverpool Street Station.  I was blown away by it all.  It's so detailed and creatively beautiful and Gavin already has a signature style that will only become more refined in time.  I'd strongly recommend that you buy his work now because very soon it will be highly sought after, especially as he plans on creating much larger scale pieces in the studio.

When I met Gavin, it was very clear that he was a person of integrity and excellence.  Gavin and I developed a Men's Group Coaching programme specifically for men titled Strong Men Cry. We also collaborated on our Restorative Art Coaching package.


The group coaching will help men understand their painful feelings / emotions and that processing and expressing these emotions improves mental health and well-being as well their relationships with themselves and others, leading to happier healthier lives.

Strong Men Cry will be launched on 13th April 2021.  Tickets are now on sale.  Click on the link below or above. Be sure to subscribe to my Member's Lounge so that you can stay up to date with new programmes and content as they are created and released.  We know that tickets will sell out quickly to Group Coaching for Men: Strong Men Cry, but we are planning on running this programme a few times each year.

Our personal experiences combined with our professional qualifications and achievements will guarantee that this event will inspire and change men's lives, and improve our mental health and wellbeing for the better. 

Book your tickets for Group Coaching for Men here.

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